Matteo Alderete - Fingerstyle GuitarLet me introduce myself.
I, Matteo Alderete, fingerstyle- guitarist, half German half US Mexican, was born in Berlin in 1975. Already as a six year old boy, I developed my talent for rhythm and melody. This was not easy living in a two room apartment with a mother and five siblings. At the age of eleven I learned the first chords and with fourteen I practiced like crazy- rock music for sure, influenced by Metallica and Joe Satriani.
Some years later, after breaking up with my rockband and some strokes of fates I lived from working as a busker. There my first fingerstyle piece was composed- "on the road" (Auf der Straße).
Some years later, by chance, I saw a magazine in our band room, "Acoustic Guitar" ( Akustik Gitarre) and listened to Peter Finger and Vicky Genfan. This was a moment that changed my life. I went to concerts, met my teacher Gerhard Best and began to learn intensively technics and harmonies. After composing my repertoire I got the chance to perform two compositions on the fingerstyle intensive workshop in Lutherhouse Osnabrück. The listeners and tutors like Peter Finger and Ian Melrose where enthused. Ian endorsed me to record my first demo CD, for which I am very thankful. Countenanced and inspired by the positive reactions I decided to start up into a new art of my life as fingerstyle-guitarist.